Always quiet around here when the Red Sox actually have a day off.  After this weekend the fans deserve it if only to catch up on their initial Saturday hangovers.  Interesting stat: the last two times the Red Sox had a lead of three or more games @ the end of April was 1918 and 2004.  Coincidence? Hmmm.

    I have a ticket to tomorrow nights game against Oakland.  A real nosebleeder; somewhere beyond Brighton with a tiny portal into right field.  Surprisingly enough there were tickets available at the box office though mine was gifted to me by a friend.  I already have more optimism for this team than I had all of last year.  The starting pitching has an unusual amount of tenacity that is rarely seen these days.  Beckett looks positively zen out there and seems to be taking his time.  He looks Teflon and alot more polished than I could have imagined.

   Thoughts on the Yankees…..they look uninspired and listless.  I don’t think they have that certain intangible that puts a team over the top. In fact they look like the Denver Broncos from that Simpsons episode where footballs are bouncing off helmets and players are tripping  over each other.  Besides I hate this team and hating the Yankees is the best thing you can do for the country right now. Really.  Root for their demise.  Forget this **** about Jeter being a great guy and how A Rod loves the Impressionists.